Established as a social responsibility initiative, BStart aims to bring artists, amateur and art professionals, arts supporting persons and institutions under the same roof and aims to develop artistic initiatives in our country. It aims to create different partnerships by bringing art counseling services to supporters and bringing together people and institutions on artistic platforms.

Thanks to the Production Fund, BStart will cover the financing of the production of at least 3 unique projects, which each year a selective board created by a new "guest curator" will determine.

Applications submitted via the BStart Open Call over the internet will be evaluated by the selection committee.

The artists and works determined by the selection committee will meet with the national and international art professionals and art lovers in Istanbul's independent venues with the BStart exhibitions.


Cem Bölüktaş
Art & Content Advisor

After graduating from Paris Sorbonne University at the department of Cultural Management, He is currently completing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at University of Paris 8. In addition to his critical writings in several art magazines in Istanbul, He is also teaching Art Management and Aesthetics at the University of Yeditepe.

Dilara Z. Moran
PR & Marketing Manager

After completing her undergraduate degree in communications, and her MA in Advertising, she started her advertising career at Ogilvy Worldwide in New York.

After 14 years in the advertising industry, she changed her course in life and dedicated herself to socially responsible projects such as Oy ve Otesi, Lokals, Happy Breathers and Hayata Saril.

Right now, she is in training to become an Inspirational Breathwork therapist.

Dilek Aydın
Operation Manager

During her 15 years of work experience; she worked in events, project development, sponsorship management and artist relations. She has experienced every stage of Entertainment and Event industry in management and as an executive.

Her areas of expertise are; project management (budget management, financial and administrative affairs, public relations and marketing, recruiting and management, reporting) and project development, scheduling, corporate Customer relations’ management, business development and sales/sponsorship department management.

Elif Cemal
Event Manager

She has unique and wide experience in live music business for 13 years building innovative, challenging projects, and crafting artistic content. Successful talent buyer. Strong understanding of culture & arts journalism and knowledge in TV broadcasting, written press & radios for almost 20 years.

Elif Erdost
Sponsor Relations

She started her career in music business in 1999 at Babylon, Istanbul. After various positions in the company, today she is the Babylon Venues Director.

She is well connected with press and companies in various sectors.

Kürşad Cire

He’s currently holding the Chairman position in one of the leading Turkish companies.

His love for art has always been one of his main drives in life. He contributed in several films and art projects, promoting young artists.

Örge Tulga
Membership and Artist Relations

She graduated from METU Department of Statistics and worked 8 years in IT sector. After moving to Istanbul, she followed her passion and took lessons from 4 different teachers in jewelry design. In 2002, she created her own brand “Örge Tulga Jewelry Design”. She is continuing to create and exhibit new collections. As an art lover, who believes in supporting Turkish contemporary art and artists, she continues to follow the art agenda and supports initiatives.

Tayfun Özatalay

After 20+ years senior managerial roles in London and Paris in international energy business, now based in Istanbul, Turkey.  He is leading many projects in health, energy and art domains.


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